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Oral health is just as important to pets as it is to humans. When plaque builds up on your pet’s teeth, it can result in infection and periodontal disease. In turn, this can reduce the quality of your pet’s life and in some cases, can potentially even reduce your pet’s life span. Poor oral hygiene in pets can also cause a number of health problems, including tooth loss, kidney problems, and heart disease.

Preventive Oral Care

The best way to address oral health problems in pets is to prevent them from developing. As part of your pet’s regular care exam, we will be happy to examine your pet’s teeth and develop an oral health treatment plan. All pets are different and some pets may be more prone to plaque buildup than other pets. Based on your pet’s unique situation, we may recommend cleaning on a regular basis in order to prevent the buildup of plaque.

Treating Oral Health Problems

If your pet has already developed oral health problems, we will be happy to discuss treatment options with you. Such treatment options might include extractions or periodontal treatments. We will be happy to discuss all treatment options with you in detail to find a treatment plan that is right for your pet.

Oral Healthcare Products

Our animal dentist ensure your pet’s teeth remain clean during visits, we are happy to offer a wide range of oral health products that include toothpaste and toothbrushes designed specifically for use with pets.

Shamblin Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to helping your pet live a happier and healthier life. Please contact us today with any questions or concerns you might have or to schedule an appointment or exam.

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