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Safeguard your pet’s health with our comprehensive animal dentist services.

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Our full spectrum of animal preventive medicine and veterinary services is designed to keep your pet healthy. Due to the full range of veterinary care options we offer right here in Tuscaloosa, you gain the ability to save both time and money.

Animal Preventive Medicine

Annual exams are crucial in identifying potential health problems that could affect the well-being of your pet. Since pets are far more quickly than humans, it is vital to ensure your pet receives a physical examination at least once annually. If you have a mature pet or a pet that suffers from certain health conditions, it is important to schedule exams more frequently. Following an initial exam and consultation, our experienced staff will be happy to design an individualized care regimen for your pet.


Vaccinations are intended to assist your pet’s immune system in fighting of certain types of infections. Your pet’s risk factors as well as lifestyle can help to determine which types of vaccinations are necessary. Please contact us today for a consultation regarding which vaccinations Dr. Shamblin recommends for your pet.


With our comprehensive array of diagnostics services, it is possible to find out quickly if your pet has a serious health concern. At Shamblin Veterinary clinic, we are proud to offer a complete selection of veterinary diagnostic services. Due to the ability to perform such diagnostic services in-house, we can quickly address concerns and provide a complete treatment and care plan for your pet.

At Shamblin Veterinary Clinic, you can rest assured that we will work closely with you regarding the complete care of your pet. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and to receive animal medicine.

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