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At Shamblin Veterinary Clinic, we provide a comprehensive array of animal surgical options for your pet. Among our most common procedures are elective surgeries, such as spaying and neutering. We closely monitor all of our patients while under anesthesia and throughout the surgical procedure. When necessary, we are also fully equipped to perform emergency surgeries. Whether elective or emergency, we approach all surgeries with skill and compassion.

When you select us to handle your pet’s surgical procedure, you can be assured we will approach the care of your pet with meticulous attention. Here is what you can expect from when your pet undergoes animal surgery at Shamblin Veterinary Clinic:

Pre-Surgery Examination and Evaluation

Prior to scheduling your pet for surgery, our veterinarian will first conduct a comprehensive physical exam in order to identify any problems that could potentially compromise the success of the animal surgery.

Continuous Monitoring

We utilize on the latest and most effective anesthetic options available during all of our surgical procedures. From the moment your pet is prepared for surgery until he or she has fully recovered, our experienced and caring team will continually monitor his or her condition and constantly check vital signs, such as respiratory and heart rates, oxygen saturation level, and blood pressure. We are also completely committed to your pet’s complete comfort during surgery.

Post-Operative Consultation

When your pet is ready to be released following surgery, we will contact you and advise you regarding how the surgery went. We will discuss the procedure in detail with you and provide you with information regarding what you can expect while your pet is recovering. When possible, we also try to follow up the next day to find out how your pet is doing after the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact us today to discuss available surgical options and schedule a pre-surgery consultation for your pet.

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